Aren’t you just giving them money?

“David, are you crazy?  They get money every time you mention them or blog on them!”

Yes, they do.  I’ve got good reasons to speak up even if there are potentially negative consequences.

First, if what I’ve said is true, then it’s worth saying because of a much greater good that will result, and with the publicity they’ve gotten, those that will see their mentions of me will simply allow more people to evaluate my claims for themselves.

Second, it is an emotional attempt to silence opposition–I am not asked to be silent because I am not correct, or whatever else, I am asked to be silent because of a sort of blackmail.  Do they have the right to do it?  Sure–it’s their prerogative.  I would not suggest pro-lifers engage in the same tactic, though; as this sort of thing totally sidesteps the real issues at hand and is just an invitation to distractions.  If we need fundraising, we should solicit it on the merit of what we say and do, not on the actions of our opponents.  Our case is more than strong enough to withstand scrutiny.

But as my tagline says, sometimes it’s worth speaking up.  Now happens to be one of those times.  I will say the truth, even if those who who ideologically disagree with me might be aided, because their gain from my writing is, at worst, a contingent evil (whereas theirs are a necessary evil, that is to say, inherently so), and the benefits of speaking up now are really quite large.  This is little more than a cheap attempt to stifle discussion, and it won’t work–it is better to speak up now and risk a few more dollars to an immoral purpose than to stay silent and, by my silence, say something I do not want to: that abortion is a morally valid choice.

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