Another reason the church opposes same-sex marriage?

This time we’re led to believe that the church is overstepping its bounds, and as a result, is losing the culture war and those who disagree with us.  Is this the case?  Let’s take a look.

A blog post recently appeared at Tony Campolo’s website, Red Letter Christianity, by Ian Ebright.  This post, entitled “Anti-Gay Marriage Legislation is an Example of An Overextended Church in Decline,” is a case against the church weighing in on social matters such as same-sex marriage on the basis that the church simply has no business telling others what to do, since they don’t hold the church’s views on homosexuality.  A few Biblical appeals are made, first to Micah 6:8, then to the person and example of Jesus, and then an exhortation to live in such a way (vis a vis Galatians 5) as to make traditional marriage more appealing than SSM. Continue reading